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Speaking as a Professional: Enhance Your Therapy or Coaching Practice through Presentations, Workshops, and Seminars

Table of Contents

Chapter 1--Speaking to Enhance Your professional Practice and Career
Why Public Speaking?
Advantages of Giving Presentations
Concerns About Public Speaking

Chapter 2--Discovering and Developing Your Strengths as a Speaker
Identifying Your Goals
Identifying Your Strengths
Improving and Growing as a Speaker

Chapter 3--Deciding What to Talk About
Choosing a Topic
What Makes a Good Topic for a Presentation?
Where Do You Start if You Don't Have a Topic?
Getting Feedback on Your Topics
Creating a Great Title
Possible Topics For Therapists and Coaches

Chapter 4--Finding and Choosing Your Audiences
Where Do Coaches and Therapists Speak?
Finding Audiences For Your Presentations
Getting Speaking Engagements
Deciding on Your Approach
What Are You Looking For in an Audience?
Sample Letters
Places Where Therapists and Coaches May Speak

Chapter 5--Planning and Preparing Your Presentations
Building a Speech From the Ground Up
Step 1: Hunt
Step 2: Gather
Step 3: Arrnage
Step 4: Practice, Play, and Prune

Chapter 6--Delivering an Effective Presentation
"Getting Set" to Give a Good Presentation
Involving Your Audience Throughout
Engaging Your Whole Self When You Speak
Using Your Voice Effectively
Using Audiovisuals With Purpose
Planning in Advance For the Unexpected
Knowing How to Shorten the Presentation
Allowing Time For Questions and Answers

Chapter 7--Managing Your Fear
Getting Experience Speaking in Low-Risk Situations
Noticing and Counteracting Anxious Thoughts
Practicing Speaking to One Person at a Time
Engaging the Audience Around Your Topic
Learning Methods For Handling the Anxiety Itself
Preparing and Practicing For a Good Presentation

Chapter 8--Keeping Your Presentations Working For You
Giving People Ways to Remember You
How to Use Handouts
When to Use Handouts
Getting Maximum Referral Possibilities
Having a Next Step for People Who Want More
Following Up With Members of the Audience
Positioning Yourself For More Presentations
Asking For Feedback on Your Presentations

Chapter 9--Getting Publicity for Your Presentations
Where to Start With Publicity
Getting Organized to Get the Word Out
Developing a Media Kit
Publicizing Beyond the Local Newspaper
Pitching a Story
Cultivating Relationships With the Media
Writing a News Release
Formatting a News Release
Sample Basic News Releases

Chapter 10--Designing and Delivering Workshops, Seminars, and Training
Deciding Whether to Do a Workshop
Starting to Put On Your Own Workshop
Mailing Lists, List Brokers, and Mailing Services
Developing Your Own Mailing List
What to Include in Your Seminar Flyer
Deciding When and Where to Hold Your Workshop
Basics of Workshop Finances and Pricing
Designing and Leading an Effective Workshop
Teleclasses and Teleseminars

Chapter 11--Improving Academic and Medical Presentations
Presenting a Paper
Participating in Panel Discussions

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